Who we are

"Renaissance"- /ri'ners(e)ns. re'n, - sas/ n


We pride ourselves on our great ability to transform any space or environment thus putting it through a REBIRTH, REVITALIZATION and REAWAKENING that is both pleasing and comfortable for our clients. From the most humble spaces to corporate offices, the most opulent villas, the most dynamic restaurants and night clubs and every class of hotel we do it all. Our trained and dedicated teams of designers, support staff and craftspeople have one objective in mind- to "WOW" our clients.

Founded in Dubai in 1978 as "Bamboo Trading" the company itself has gone through its own "Rebirths" to keep up with the changing times and tastes in the UAE. At its inception, the company concentrated on the extremely popular and trendy rattan, wicker and cane residential furniture styles of the time, and enjoyed unparalleled success in that arena.

Ever aware of the developing tastes of the UAE, which became more sophisticated and stylized, our team studied, learn and trained for a more classic approach to our business. We evolved into the first interpretation of Renaissance Interiors. The company thrived and our reputation flourished- we were the upper end furnishings shop of choice.

Recent years have seen us, in an expansion mode. With the resurgent growth in the Dubai, surrounding MENA and Indian markets, Renaissance has stayed in the forefront by being innovative conceptually, in the customer service arena, and by bringing in the right people. Our growing team consists of Designers, Visualizers, and Draughts people, Merchandisers, Carpenters, Upholsterers, Tailors, and a strong Support Staff.

The goal is straightforward: To make Renaissance a dominant player in our segments of the business.

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